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Elisa Miller was diagnosed with a 1.7" Ovarian Cyst at the age of 32. She was having sharp pains in her left side. Her Dr. suggested she take birth control pills, which she did.  On her second ultrasound, a few weeks later her cyst had grown to 3.1" and her Dr. told her she would have to have surgery. She was terfified, didn't know what to do...

Fortunately, Elisa stumbled across (and followed) the step-by-step instructions of the Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief System and is now pain free. (And her next ultrasound test proved she was cyst free!)

"In one week the pains were almost gone and I felt great!
11 weeks later I got another ultrasound and my ovarian cyst was gone, completely gone! I couldn't believe it! But I could see it with my own eyes."
-- Elisa Miller, New York, USA

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